About Tryg | Our business

Tryg has four business areas, each with a clear, unambiguous responsibility for profitability, including product development, sales and administration.

The Private business area sells insurances to private individuals in Denmark and Norway. The business area represents 46% of Tryg's total earned premiums.

  • Enter Forsikring (branch)
    Enter Forsikring is a Norwegian subsidiary of Tryg that primarily sells auto insurances to private persons.

The Commercial business area sells insurances to companies in Denmark and Norway. Commercial represents 18% of Tryg's total earned premiums.

The Corporate business area sells insurances to corporate customers under the brands Tryg and Moderna (in Sweden). Corporate sells through own sales force and through insurance brokers. The business area represents 26% of Tryg's total earned premiums.

  • Tryg Garanti 
    Tryg Garanti is the leading supplier of guarantee insurance in the Nordic region. Tryg Garanti is included in the Corporate business area.

The business area Sweden sells insurances to private individuals and small and medium sized businesses. The business area represents 8% of Tryg's total earned premiums.