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The strategic focus area Customer Journey & Success Culture was launched in 2014 and continues in 2017. Tryg aims for world class customer experiences and among other things this is to be achieved by ensuring that each employee has the largest possible mandate to help the customer and a mind-set where each customer is treated as if he or she were the only one we had. This requires that we have room for differences and all types of people in Tryg, who wish and dare to be a success.

Our employees are the foundation for our business and the results we create. Tryg’s success depends on the success of its employees. Therefore, we must strive to give every employee the opportunity to become a success. This requires that we set clear goals and continuous constructive and motivating feedback, as well as give each employee the opportunity to develop and fulfil their potential. Boosting our success culture is a pre-requisite for fully succeeding in establishing world class customer experiences.

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