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To become the world's best insurance company, we need to deliver world class earnings and customer experiences – at the same time! We still have ambitious financial targets, but we will be one of the first companies also to introduce specific goals for the customer experience. In our KPIs for 2017, we therefore set out ambitious targets for both our customers and earnings..

  1. Customers
    The customers are the basis of our business and consequently the focal point of all activities. In 2017, we will therefore continue to work on strengthening the customer experience and increasing the focus through the strategic focus area, Customer Journey & Success Culture.
    The new KPI's on the customer dimension are Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention rate and customers with 3 products or more.
    For each KPI Tryg has set targets for 2017:

    • NPS: + 100 %
    • Retention rate: + 1 percentage points *
    • Customers with 3 products or more: + 5 percentage points *
    * Private DK/NO and Commercial DK/NO
  2. Earnings
    Tryg uses three financial KPI’s: Combined Ratio, Expense Ratio and Return on Equity. These three financial KPI’s are important in order to monitor the profitability of our insurance business. To achieve the goal, all areas need to contribute, however not necessarily equally. The financial targets for 2017 are: 

    • Return on equity of 21 % after tax.
    • Combined ratio 87.
    • Expense ratio  14.
    To support our goals, we have launched a new efficiency programme of 750m DKK, with 250m DKK coming from expense reduction and 500m DKK from claims reduction.
  3. Employee satisfaction
    Our employees are the most important resource of Tryg, and they will enable the vision about becoming the world’s best insurance company to come true. An important prerequisite to achieve this is that all employees have clearly defined and ambitious targets with ongoing feedback. In 2017, the goal of Tryg is to have a higher level of employee satisfaction than benchmark in the Nordic financial sector.

Read more about Tryg's goals and expectations for customers and earnings in our annual report

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