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Tryg is an efficient business today but the insurance industry changes with a faster pace than previously and the future holds more challenges. Our customers are not willing to pay more, because we do everything ourselves. Therefore we are obliged to ensure that we constantly become more effective and improve our competiveness.

Our previous efficiency programme has been an important factor in value creation and we will continue on the same note in the coming years. The new efficiency programme is on 750m DKK with savings of 250m DKK coming from expense reductions and 500m DKK from claims reduction. Expense reductions will come from simplification of processes and reduced lead time for our customers. Tryg will also look for areas where external suppliers can be used with advantage, by working in a more cost-effective way and give our customers a world-class customer experience. The 500m DKK in claims reduction will come from increased consolidation of suppliers and utilising procurement volume. We will also setup a dedicated competence teams to help our customers back to a normal life as fast as possible. Tryg will furthermore increase focus on fraud detection.

The efficiency programme is reviewed every quarter in connection with the external result reporting.

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