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Tryg emphasises open and transparent shareholder communication.

Together with VP Investor Services (VP manages Tryg's shareholder register), Tryg has setup an InvestorPortal.


If you are a shareholder in Tryg, you can enter the InvestorPortal and

  • View current holding of shares,
  • Sign-up for general meetings, 
  • Order annual reports,
  • Give proxy voting rights or
  • Ask questions

Log on
You have three options to log on to the InvestorPortal.

  • NemID
  • Net-ID
  • VP-user; A VP account number and a PIN code are required.

Log on to the InvestorPortal

Articles of Association

Download the latest Articles of Association adopted at the AGM 3 April 2014.

Articles of Association 2014

AGM contacts

Bjarne Lau Pedersen
General Counsel,
+45 21 71 30 28

Lars Møller 
Investor Relations Director
+45 22 66 66 05

Governance issues

Read about our approach to corporate governance.

Responsibilities of the Board
Remuneration policy