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Disability and sport
Since 2009 Tryg has supported Dansk Handicap Idrætsforbund (DHIF) in their efforts to create an active life for persons with disabilities through sports and exercise.

Our cooperation has entailed the increase of knowledge among our customer advisors on DHIF and an enhanced capacity to advise customers on activities of relevance in connection with a disability caused by a damage incident.

Apply for a job – skills at focus
In 2011, the former Danish Minister of Employment introduced a campaign with the purpose of shedding light on the potential within the group of persons with disabilities for the labour market, and to increase the number of persons with disabilities in jobs. The campaign “Apply for a job – skills at focus” was supported by the Danish Disability Organiations and Virksomhedsforum for Socialt Ansvar.

Tryg was appointed role model among Danish companies and invited to share experiences on recruiting and employing persons with disabilities. As part of the project, Tryg hosted an open house event for job-seeking disabled persons.

In April 2012 we hosted an open house arrangement for people with disabilities, who wish to know more about Tryg’s experiences with creating good and accessible conditions for our disabled employees.

Watch the film wheelchair and visually disabled no barrier in Tryg - click here (only in Danish)

In 2012, Tryg contributed to the CSR-D(isability) project, initiated by Discuss, a consultancy company, and Disabled Peoples Organiations Denmark. The purpose of the project is to place inclusion and people with disabilities on the CSR agenda.

Together with four Danish companies, Tryg has shared knowledge and experience on leadership and the challenges related to the inclusion of employees with disabilities in the work place, and with examples on how diversity can improve customer service.

In cooperation with Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark and Discuss, Tryg takes part in a dialogue and knowledge sharing with other companies on how to improve the physical environment as well as the access to products and services for customers with disabilities.

As part of the project, Tryg carries out a survey on accessibility at our headquarters in Ballerup and cooperates with Ballerup Municipality on improved traffic safety for visually impaired employees and guests.