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Sustainable domiciles

Reducing CO2 emmission

As part of the Tryg effort to promote environmentally and climate friendly behaviour, we have set up an ambitious goal for reducing CO2 emissions from our domiciles and transportation.

The main sources of emissions from daily activities in our offices stem from heating, electricity and waste. Tryg has directed measures towards each of these areas during 2011-2013, including:

  • connection to a distant heating system in Ballerup, Denmark
  • installation of a heating pump in Bergen, Norway
  • installation low energy lights bulbs and LED lights in our headquarters
  • waste management, including recycling
  • changed from night cleaning to day cleaning
  • 80 video conference rooms
  • reduction in paper use
  • replacement of the main refrigeration equipment

In order to reduce paper consumption and waste, each workplace is now equipped with two computer screens and no dust bin. Instead, printing, copying and waste sorting take place in a unit located in a corner of each open-plan office.

In 2014 we will look into the opportunities for further reduction via our offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.