Corporate Responsibility STRATEGY

Our approach

Here you can read how we translate Corporate Responsibility principles into processes and practices in Tryg. Look into our KPI's or read what our CEO thinks about Tryg's responsibility. 


In Tryg we see Corporate Responsibility as an integrated part of running a healthy business.

A part of our business 

Tryg considers Corporate Responsibility as an opportunity to improve our products and customer service as well as attracting and retaining customers, suppliers and employees. We believe in doing business while also taking active responsibility to minimise our footprint and act as a good corporate citizen. Hence, we integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into our strategic Corporate Responsibility processes, policies and activities.

Performance and targets

KPIs Result 2018 Result 2019 Target 2020
Women in management 33% 35% ≥ 41%
CO2-reduction 3% increase compared to 2017 1% reduction compared to 2018 2% reduction compared to 2017
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CEO statement

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