CEO statement 2017

As the world changes,
we make it easier to be "tryg"

In 2017 we worked hard on developing our CSR strategy. This will strengthen our ambitions about simplicity and being "tryg" - two of our core values in the business. Read more about it here.

CEO Statement - Morten Hübbe obout csr in Tryg

How we run our business

The essence of Tryg's purpose

The essence of Tryg’s purpose is to make it easier to be "tryg" in a world that is changing. That is why we place great importance on responsibility in the way we run our business. We believe that if we contribute to peace of mind in society and for our customers, we will succeed.

Find out more about our focus areas below: 


Tryg's strategy house


CSR Strategy | Tryg's CSR strategy is build on a solid foundation of interal performances and we strive to increase and ensure peace of mind. 

Tryg as employer

Tryg som arbejdsgiver

In Tryg, we believe that happy employees have a positive influence on the customer experience. This is why we try to create the best foundation for developing our employees and make sure we keep a healthy balance between work and private life.

Employee satisfaction is increasing
In 2017 employee satisfaction increased to index 76 compared to index 74 in 2016, and we are very happy about this development.

More women in management positions
At the same time, I am also proud of the new initiatives we introduce on an ongoing basis to increase the number of women in management positions.

Women’s Leadership Programme
In 2017, the first five female managers in Tryg, completed the Women’s Leadership Programme. This programme is a part of the Danish Diversity Council, of which Tryg is one of the co-founders.

I am excited to see their new competences being put into play and look forward to give five 5 more women the chance to participate in the programme in 2018.

"Trygge" customer relations

Trygge kunderelationer

Our customers are essential to our business and therefore Tryg has very much focus on how we interact and help our customers.

In 2017 we launched TrygExperience (TrygOplevelsen) in Denmark to make sure all our customers are treated equally and with competent and personal guidance in all matters related to their insurances.

To meet the customers’ needs
Besides excellent customer support, we are continuously working to meet the changes in customer demands. Ongoing development is essential to give the customers peace of mind.

Tryg Drive
That is why I am proud, that we also launched the Tryg Drive app in 2017. This app provides the opportunity to save money for young drivers under 30 years of age. If they drive responsible they will save money on their insurance. Responsible driving does not only benefit the individual driver but also increase of safety in the society because of less damages and increased traffic safety. 

UNDO – 100 % digital
I am also looking forward to expand our innovative initiatives in 2018, where we will launch UNDO – a 100 % digital company based solely on online services.

A healthy workplace and excellent customer relations are the core values in our contribute to “tryghed”.
- Morten Hübbe, CEO

"Tryghed" in the society

Tryghed i samfundet

With a sound foundation, Tryg has the energy to focus on society and the core values we are dedicated to.

A part of our DNA
I am proud of the way Tryg contributes to safety in the society. It’s in our DNA to create safety for our customers, but it is also essential that we make positive contributions to our society. It pleases me to see that we develop initiatives which contributes to the common society.

Lifebuoys and Night Ravens in Norway
In 2017, Tryg continued the commitment as business partner for the Night Raves in Norway and provided more than 3,000 lifebuoys. These initiatives very much contribute to create safety in the Norwegian society and we are looking forward to continue our cooperation in 2018.

Safety by the sea
To increase our engagement within safety by the sea, Tryg entered a cooperation with Redningsselskapet in Norway in 2017. Tryg has sponsored an “Elias-boat”, and we have also worked actively together on events for the common cause of sharing knowledge about safety by the sea and to raise awareness of how to prevent drownings.

We will continue in 2018
I am happy to announce that together with Redningsselskapet, we have even more plans for events in 2018. I believe this joint effort contributes to safety in the society.


Morten Hübbe, Koncernchef i Tryg

Best regards

Morten Hübbe