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Customer relations

Competent and safe customer relations are paramount for our business. It is important for us, that Tryg is a company our customers fully trust.

We treat our customers with respect

We want to treat our customers with respect and offer the same highly competent service to everyone. Therefore, we continuously work to improve our daily customer dialogue and develop new products that meet customer demands.


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How we work 

The TrygExperience
In Tryg, we focus on equal treatment of our customers and on their satisfaction with Tryg. To ensure that all our customers are offered the same highly competent consultancy regarding their insurance needs, we implemented a new approach to our daily customer dialogue in 2017.

The new approach describes five valuable steps in our customer dialogue. We still recognise that different customers have different needs, and therefore we are also working to ensure that individual dialogues are based on the exact needs of the individual customer. In addition to working with our direct customer dialogue, we also improved our websites in 2017 in order to make it easier for customers to find information and to ensure faster and more efficient claims handling online.

We believe that a combination of personal dialogue and digital solutions is the best way to ensure satisfied customers, and we continuously work to improve our solutions to suit customer needs. To measure satisfaction levels among our customers and to help us improve, we ask our customers to rate our performance when having been in touch with a Tryg employee. In 2018, our Transactional Net Promotor Score (TNPS) was 67. Our target is a score of 70 by 2020.

We try to adapt to customer needs and expectations with regard to availability, which is why we are available in the evening as well as at weekends. We offer online meetings, which makes it possible to have face-to-face meetings with Tryg’s customer advisers from home or work.

Complaints are taken seriously
Even though we work hard to ensure responsible customer relations and focus on customer satisfaction, sometimes customers do not agree with the settlement of their claims. In these situations, customers should contact the department responsible for handling their claim, and if a solution cannot be found, it is possible to contact our complaints department. Every complaint is taken very seriously, and all complaints are analysed in order to establish whether any procedures or business processes need changing. See Tryg’s complaint process online.

IT Security and personal data protection
Tryg is a data-driven company, and we need personal data to assess our customers’ claims risk. This is the foundation for providing our core product: insurance. Personal data must be handled responsibly and with due diligence to ensure protection of human rights. During the year, Tryg carries out a number of activities focusing on promoting the knowledge among employees on the meaning and significance of approvals of applying and passing on personal data in regards to insurance conditions and damage reports.

Insurance fraud
Every year, Tryg investigates a number of cases in relation to insurance fraud through our special investigation units. Insurance fraud can have adverse impacts and implications for Tryg and for our customers. Every year, Tryg investigates cases of suspected insurance fraud through our special investigation unit.

In 2018, around 1,586 notifications were passed on to our special investigation unit in Denmark, and 45% were classified as insurance fraud. In all cases, it is important that we treat our customers with respect, which is why we have processes in place to ensure that all investigations are approved beforehand and are performed properly and with respect for our guidelines.

Read more about insurance fraud here (in Danish)


Products that increases safety and customer care

Tryg i Livet 

Tryg i Livet is a hotline, by which you as Tryg Plus-Customer - without no further commitment and completely anonymously – have to possibility to make a phone call and receive counselling regarding various issues, such as severe illness, addiction, stress or divorce. The purpose is to provide access to crisis counselling, but also to accommodate the crises before they actually arise.

The phone call is replied by Falck Healthcare. This is a reliable and highly competent party comprised of professionals such as nurses, social workers, midwifes, etc. 

If you want to know more about Tryg i Livet or if you wish to see examples of issues, follow this link (in Danish) 


ID Theft

Tryg ID is a product benefitting all customers in our TrygPlus programme. With Tryg ID we assist our customers with investigating any suspicion of ID theft and, eventually, assist them with cessasion in the case of misuse; e.g. by contacting RKI and debtor register, contacting creditor and rejecting illicit claims. With Tryg ID the customers also receive guidance on how they prevent such misuse.   

See how you discover ID theft (in Danish), how you prevent this and what Tryg does to help.

Tryg Backup 

Tryg Back up is offered to TrygPlus customers. In collaboration with Keepit, with Tryg Backup we offer encrypted online backup of important pictures and documents. Back up takes place online and hereby it is not affected in case of fire, water or housebreaking.

Read more here (in Danish) or watch the movie Tryg Back Up - Software insurance

Young living 

Young Living is an insurance scheme for young people from 18 to 28 years of age. It contains a basic package with the most important insurance products, and provides an overview of relevant insurances that may help the young customers feel safe in everyday life.

Read more here  (in Danish)

Climate related damages 

We wish to provide our customers with the best possibilities to avoid climate related damage in connection with autumn and winter weather. In Tryg we advise on how to secure your house and garden when the weather becomes a challenge.

In our peace-of-mind guide you can find more sound advice on how to protect yourself, your family, your home and while on vacation. 

For more information click here (in Danish)