Peace of mind

Nightravens in Norway

The norwegian initiative the Nightravens, provides safety in the Norwegian night life. Tryg has supported the Nightravens since 1995. Read more here. 

Tryg supports the Norwegian Night Ravens

Safety in the night life

As part of our efforts to create peace of mind in society, we are committed to running the Nightravens secretariat in Norway.

The Nightravens are local groups of volunteers who walk the streets at night, providing a safe environment, offering help and preventing unwanted incidents. The main target group is young people, and the mission of the Nightravens is to be present where young people hang out in streets or local squares.

There are more than 300 Nightravens groups in Norway made up of a diverse mix of volunteers in terms of their nationality, gender and age, which have the additional effect of working as a social community network for the volunteers.

New equipment
Throughout the years we have had a sound partnership with the Nightravens and have supplied waistcoats and coats, first aid kits, pamphlets and other essential equipment for the groups. In 2011 the partnership has become more visible given that Tryg’s familiar lifebuoy logo can be found on the Nightravens’ waistcoats.

1 million in donation
In 2015, Tryg celebrated the 20th anniversary collaboration with the Night Ravens in Norway. To mark the anniversary, a conference was held in Bergen which was attended by the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solbjerg. At the conference, Tryg's CEO Morten Hübbe donated NOK 1m to enable the Nightravens to continue their valuable work.

Read more about the Nightravens in Norway here (only in Norwegian).