Peace of mind

Safety by the water

Safety along the coasts has been a thematic area for Tryg in Norway for a long time. Learn more about the story behind the lifebuoy – our iconic logo.

Tryghed ved vandet


The red-white lifebuoy has become a symbol of safety in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Since 1952, Tryg’s iconic lifebuoys have provided safety along the coastline of Norway.

The lifebuoy is a vitally important rescue tool and one of our most important CSR initiatives when it comes to ensuring peace of mind. Since 1952, more than 40,000 lifebuoys have been deployed by the lakes and along the coasts in Norway. The lifebuoys have prevented more than 1,000 drownings.

The agreement is managed through local groups who are responsible for maintaining the physical location of the buoys.

I 2017 Tryg provided more than 3,000 lifebuoys in Norway

Cooperation with the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet) is a nationwide humanitarian association the purpose of saving lives and increase safety and peace of mind at sea and along the coastline.

Tryg has sponsored an ‘Elias boat’, which is known from children’s TV and is a well-known, popular concept targeting smaller children. During the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen in September 2017, more than 1,100 children and their parents queued up and were welcomed onboard the ‘Tryg-Elias’ for a boat trip.

This was one of several events in 2017 where Tryg and Redningsselskapet actively worked together for the common cause of preventing drownings and sharing knowledge about this issue.

In 2018, we are planning more events together to raise awareness and teach people how to react in order to prevent drownings.