Focus areas

Tryg as a responsible workplace

Ensuring a safe working environment and a responsible management are important areas of a strong Corporate Responsibility effort.
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Workplace and management

Performance and targets



In Tryg we work to ensure a responsible workplace with focus on human rights, labour rights, diversity as well as an equal distribution of men and women in management positions.

Business ethics

At the same time, we want to take a holistic approach to our operations. This is why we do not only focus on our employees in the Nordic region, but also on our outsourced activities.

Climate and environment

However, we believe that responsible management is more than this, which is why we also focus on our impact on the climate and the environment.

Workplace and management in Tryg

A safe place to work

Defibrillator and first aid kits 
First aid is a crucial area within the internal safety at Tryg. At the Ballerup headquarters we have installed five defibrillators and 13 first aid kits in case of emergencies. The same safety measures have been introduced at the decentralised offices in the rest of Denmark and in the Norwegian offices in Bergen and Oslo.

Supplementary first aid courses are offered to our Danish employees; enabling them to provide the essential help to their colleagues should emergencies occur. The course includes an introduction to defibrillators and practical exercises in resuscitation, cardiac massage and life-saving first aid. 

Emergency drills 
Contingency plans are mandatory for companies operating in Denmark. In Tryg, our contingency plan ensures the ability to run our business in case of a crisis.

We are continuously making sure that the plan works in practice, for instance by conducting training drills every year. The purpose of these drills is to test how the Tryg executive management and the national emergency teams work together. In advance of scheduled drills all national emergency teams will receive instructions.