Tryg as a responsible workplace

Business ethics

In Tryg, we respect human rights in everything we do. Find out more about how we do it.


We run a responsible business

Tryg has formulated a Code of Conduct, which we expect all suppliers to follow. Besides this we also have a code of ethics which we expect all employees to read and adhere to.

Human rights and Reponsible Supply Chain Management

Tryg is committed to respecting human rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our commitment is enforced through our signatory membership of the UN Global Compact and is outlined in our Corporate Responsibility policy as well as Tryg’s Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct monitoring
Tryg expects its suppliers to comply with our code of conduct. In the choice of partners, we focus on working conditions to ensure that our partners respect human and labour rights before entering into a partnership.

A usefull tool for dialogue
Prior to signing a supplier contract, all suppliers undergo a pre-approval process. Suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct outlining our expectations for our business relations.

Tryg has a process for auditing our outsourcing suppliers to ensure that any potential or actual adverse impacts and risks in our supply chain are handled.

All outsourcing suppliers are asked to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire prior to a scheduled on-site audit. If the on-site audit reveals any potential red flags, it will lead to an action plan and a follow-up dialogue. If a supplier does not comply with the requirements imposed by Tryg, we will engage in dialogue to ensure improvement. In case of repeated failed attempts at collaboration, Tryg can terminate the contract as a last resort.

To support the new audit process, in 2018 Tryg launched a training programme for procurement employees and internal auditors to build capacity for identifying actual or potential violations on site.

Education and improved dialogue offshore
Working with different partners, Tryg has offered all partners tailormade education to make sure they obtain the right expertise to solve the tasks.

Tryg also wants to make sure that workers receive the necessary training, which is why our partners’ employees have been visiting Tryg to learn about our systems and processes.

Tryg employees have also visited our partners to get a better understanding of their operations and to support them during the first few weeks after taking over the new processes.

Business ethics at Tryg

Code of conduct
As well as our suppliers, it is also important that our employees are working in a responsible way which is why Tryg has formulated a Code of Conduct for employees. This includes, for example, policies on good practices for marketing, handling of personal data, anti-discrimination, diversity and anti-corruption, including gifts.

Handling risks
In order to mitigate the risks associated with our working processes, Tryg is actively working to educate our employees in using the guidelines in the Code of Conduct to ensure that they can handle the risks associated with their position.

Whistleblower Line
If employees or external partners experience activities that do not comply with our Code of Conduct or applicable legislation, we encourage them to use our whistleblower line that can be used in confidentiality.

Link to Tryg's whistleblower line here.

Responsible investments

As part of Tryg’s Corporate Responsibility strategy, we want to mitigate and prevent the risk of violating international principles and conventions when investing, and we want to be transparent about our efforts to mitigate this risk.

In 2017, we therefore published our responsible investment policy, which also illustrates our belief in the importance of not violating international conventions when investing.

Negative screening
In 2018, we updated our process for ethical screening for potential violations of the conventions in our investment portfolio, including not only our portfolio holdings, but also the ultimate parents. We established an internal procedure for handling any such violations. We perform an ethical screening annually, and will continue our screening practice in 2019.

Most of Tryg’s investment assets are managed externally, and typically held through commingled fund structures. Our primary focus is selecting external managers who share our principles and have policies in place to ensure that investments are managed responsibly. When selecting external asset managers, UN PRI signatories are preferred. In 2018, all Tryg’s external managers were UN PRI signatories.

Download Tryg’s responsible investment policy here.

Social media

In regards to communication on the Internet, e.g. via debating forums, blogs and social networks such as Facebook, Tryg wishes for all their employees to participate, if they desire to do so, but without collateral damages to Tryg.

Therefore, Tryg has developed some guidelines for the use of Facebook and other media, offering useful advice on how to communicate responsibly and avoid ending up in situations which can have consequences for both the employees himself, colleagues, Tryg, business partners or customer.

Read our guideline for use of social media here.

Child porn filter


According to Danish law it is punishable to be in possession of child pornography. At Tryg we take the matter very seriously and have installed a child porn filter on all our computers in 2008, being the first Danish company to do so.

The programme, NetClean, behaves like an antivirus programme, detecting child pornographic pictures and reporting them automatically to our Security Unit. If unauthorised content material is detected, the Security Unit and the Human Resource Department assess and decide whether to pursue the incident further or to hand in over to the police.