Supervisory Board

Torben Nielsen

Deputy Chairman (independent)

Næstformand Torben Nielsen


Deputy Chairman Torben Nielsen
Born 1947
Nationality Danish
Joined the Supervisory Board 2011
Education Savings bank training, Graduate Diplomas in Organisation, Work Sociology, Credit and Financing
Career Professional board member, Adjunct Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. Former Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank (Danish Central Bank)
Chairman of the Board Ny Holmegaard Værk Fund, Investeringsforeningen Sparinvest, Vordingborg Borg Fund, Museum of South East Denmark, Tryg Invest A/S and KTIF (Kapitalforeningen Tryg Invest Funds)
Board seats, Deputy Chairman Tryg A/S and Tryg Forsikring A/S
Board seats Sampension KP Livsforsikring A/S and a member of the Executive Management of Bombebøssen
Committee membership Audit Committee (Chairman), Risk Committee (Chairman) and Nomination Committee of Tryg A/S, and Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee at Sampension (Chairman).
Experience General experience from executive level in banking. Micro and macro knowledge from membership of the board of governors in the Danish central bank. Knowledge of chairmanship from non-executive boards
Competencies General top management experience from the financial sector as well as experience with risk management and regulatory requirements, business know-how and judgement
Shares in Tryg 28,000