Corporate Responsibility Reporting


Tryg’s Corporate Responsibility reporting follows the structure of our Corporate Responsibility policy and documents goals and results within our four strategic areas: Actively creating peace of mind, Climate & environment, Responsible workplace, and Business ethics.

Thematic areas

Each thematic area should be seen as related to one or more of the principles in the UN Global Compact.

The thematic areas create a link to Tryg’s long history as an insurance company and to the non-life insurance products and services that we offer our customers.

 In light of reports from a.o. the UN monitoring organs on human rights protection in Denmark and Norway, as well as the Institue for Human Rights yearly progress report on the Danish conditions, we have chosen to concentrate on protection and promotion of the following rights and freedoms:

  • Anti-discrimination
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Privacy and personal data protection
  • Health and safety

Our effort covers internal conditions within Tryg, this also includes responsible investments, and it is an integrated part of our collaboration with customers and suppliers. 

Anti-corruption is a prioritised area being part of our handling of the risks of fraud and favouritism, both with our customers and suppliers.

Compliance with legislation in general, and especially in relation to good governance, competition and anti-trust law, marketing, products and services, employee health and security, discrimination and violation of indigenous people’s rights are integrated processes and initiatives within the entire organisation.

The CR effort is relevant to the entire Tryg Group; hence, it is an endeavour seen in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The execution is concentrated at the head quarter in Ballerup in Denmark and Bergen in Norway, however, continuously expanding to local offices and the Sweden division of Tryg. 

Corporate Governance
Tryg complies with Danish recommendations on good governance and we perceive a transparent and robust management structure as a precondition for achieving sound and relevant CR results. We have published reports on CR efforts and results since 2006.

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Danish Insurance Association
Tryg is a member of the Danish Insurance Association which has as overall goal to seek political influence on behalf of the industry on the development of financial sector. Read more about the association here.