Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting is our highest governing and decision-making body. At the annual general meeting, shareholders can exert influence by making statements, asking questions and voting.


Sign up for the AGM at the InvestorPortal

All shareholders are welcome

All shareholders are urged to attend the annual general meeting. Shareholders may vote in person at the meeting, by mail or appoint the Supervisory Board or a third party as their proxy. Tryg makes a proxy form available allowing shareholders to decide on the individual items of the agenda.


Tryg's annual general meeting is held every year before the end of April. The Supervisory Board convenes the annual general meeting giving not less than eight days’ notice. Shareholders may register to receive an electronic notice of the general meeting.

The notice includes the time, place and sets out the agenda comprising as a minimum the following items:

  • Report on activities during the past financial year
  • Approval of the annual report, including determination of the Supervisory Board's remuneration
  • Adoption of a resolution as to the distribution of profit or covering of loss, as the case may be, according to the annual report
  • Any proposals from the Supervisory Board or from shareholders
  • Election of members of the Supervisory Board
  • Appointment of external auditors
  • Any other business

Divident payment

The complete proposals also include the Supervisory Board's proposed dividend payment with respect to the past financial year.


How do I get an invitation to the AGM?

To receive an invitation to the AGM, to sign up for this service on the InvestorPortal.

You can choose between receiving the invitation per e-mail or per post. To receive the invitation by e-mail, you must register your e-mail address in the InvestorPortal under Settings.

Why did I not get an invitation?

We only send out invitations to shareholders who have requested an invitation through the InvestorPortal.

Can I sign-up for a hard copy of the Annual Report?

Due to a decrease in requests of printed annual reports, we no longer print the annual report. It has also been decided only to publish the annual report in English.  

    Annual Report

    • Download the report here

    Annual Profile

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    Questions about the AGM?

    Bettina Drejer Clausen, General Counsel, barrister-at-law

    Telephone: +45 29 60 89 33

    Questions about the AGM?

    Gianandrea Roberti, Investor Relations Officer

    Telephone: +45 20 18 82 67