Our governance of Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is of high importance in Tryg. Tryg's Corporate Responsibility work is rooted in our Executive Board, while our strategic Corporate Responsibility efforts are driven by our Corporate Responsibility Board.

The sustainability agenda is essential to both customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. Today, the agenda is broadly rooted – and it is both desired and not at least needed among all our stakeholders. To keep our promises and to make a change, we need to track and document our development. We need to talk the talk, but more importantly walk it
Barbara Plucnar Jensen, Group CFO

In Tryg, we believe in driving a transparent, ethical and responsible business. Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility is further explained in our Corporate Responsibility policy. We have enforced driving an ethical and responsible business through our signatory membership of the UN Global Compact. These principles act as underlying guidelines for everything we do in Tryg.

Tryg has established a Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct reflects the values of society and encompasses the issues that are currently of great importance to both our stakeholders and our business. The Supplier Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognised agreements that promote companies’ management of adverse effects on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption practices including the United Nations Global Compact.

Corporate Responsibility Board

Tryg has established a Corporate Responsibility Board with the purpose of driving the strategic Corporate Responsibility efforts within our company. The Board is represented by Group CFO Barbara Plucnar Jensen, as chair, while Board members include the Vice Presidents from key areas representing Tryg across the Nordic countries. 

The Corporate Responsibility Board plays an advisory role in supervising the company’s strategic direction and initiatives as well as recommending actions for further improvements, which are reported to the Executive Board. The Board approves the Corporate Responsibility report and relevant policies prior to final approval by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. The Board oversees and monitors performance of targets, Tryg's strategic direction and follows up on or initiates new initiatives for Tryg.

Organisational anchoring

Tryg’s Executive Board is ultimately responsible for the work related to Corporate Responsibility and is informed about performance, risks and opportunities on a quarterly basis or more frequently if necessary. Tryg’s Supervisory Board is regularly informed about strategy and initiatives as well as progress on targets and performance related to Corporate Responsibility.

Governance framework