Tryg as workplace

At Tryg, you will have more than 7,000 colleagues from across the Nordic countries and different sub brands such as Tryg, Trygg-Hansa and ALKA insurance with all the possibilities for development and growth that this entails.


The world is changing and in Tryg you don’t just follow along. Together with colleagues you are front runners in co-creating the development. It requires courage, willingness and the right abilities to take new paths. Every day we strive to develop our position as one of the largest insurance providers in the Nordic region. Tryg offers great opportunities if you have a “can-do-attitude” and are willing to accelerate your own as well as the company's development. A joint development that makes it possible for us to be the leading provider of safety for our customers, for society, for you and your colleagues both now and in the future.

At Tryg, we build on mutual trust when moving into unknown ground as the safety provider of tomorrow. We believe that trust and freedom fuel our employees curiosity and courage to take new paths. Here, you will get colleagues and work with managers who know the values of balancing well-being and results. It enables us to co-develop as colleagues and pay 100% attention to our customers when the accident happens. At Tryg, you will experience a culture based on trust, cooperation and co-development in all we do.

At Tryg, we take responsibility for providing safety for our colleagues, customers and in society. We want to create trust and development at work and in the communities we are part of. We do this through our insurance products, leadership principles, efforts to increase diversity in the workplace and through the huge engagement and safety-creating initiatives the Tryg Group's offers. Safety is not a given – and you can contribute to create safety when you take responsibility and invest yourself and your career in Tryg.