Our Corporate Responsibility reporting

Through our Corporate Responsibility reporting we aim to be transparent and document how we comply with our Corporate Responsibility policy and to demonstrate our results and performance. Each year in January, we publish our independent statutory Corporate Responsibility report. Additionally, an extract from the Corporate Responsibility report is available in Tryg's annual financial report.


Download Tryg's Corporate Responsibility report 2021

Download Tryg's Corporate Responsibility profile 2021 (in Danish)

Download Tryg's Corporate Responsibility profile 2021 (in Norwegian)

Materiality assessment

In 2020, we conducted an extensive materiality assessment to identify the environmental, social, economic and governance issues that are per­ceived as being most important to Tryg and to our stakeholders. The results of the materiality assess­ment have informed our Corporate Responsibility approach, including our Corporate Responsibility reporting and our Corporate Responsibility strategy. The materi­ality assessment ensures that Tryg focuses on the opportunities and risks in relation to Corporate Responsibility that matter most to our stakehold­ers. We update our assessment each year to make sure it reflects changes in our business as well as the external environment.

Materiality matrix

In the materiality matrix, each issue is colour-cod­ed according to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues involved. The red circle around some of the issues indicates that the issue is an approach rather than a concept. For example, Diversity and inclusion is an approach contrib­uting to Corporate Responsibility, while Human and labour rights is a broader theme.

The materiality matrix allows us to decide which Corporate Responsibility issues Tryg should focus on and invest time in by contrasting two dimen­sions. The first (horizontal axis) is the importance of the issue to Tryg and the expected influence of the issue on the success of our business. The sec­ond (vertical axis) is the importance of the issue to our stakeholders. The most material issues are the issues that are placed high on both axes. They reflect Tryg’s priorities and will continuously serve to guide our reporting, strategy and actions on Corporate Responsibility issues.

Materiality matrix 2021