Andreas Persson
Manager in Bergen

"I experience a good balance between new challenges and safety by having a culture where it is acceptable to make mistakes as long as you are doing your best."

Andreas Persson

Meet Andreas

Andreas Persson began his career at Tryg in 2008 as a Nordic Management Trainee. Today, he is working as Head of portfolio development at Tryg’s Norwegian office in Bergen. He is a good example of how it is possible to move around at Tryg – both geographic and in relation to tasks and manager responsibilities.

”Originally, I graduated as a Master in Risk Management and since December 2014, I have had the pleasure to lead a department within the Commercial segment serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout Norway. Here, I experience a very diversified set of challenges in my every day work life and feel, I am learning something new all the time", Andreas says.

Inspired by new challenges

”As head of 15 employees the focus in my daily work varies and this means that a normal day for me involves handling all types of questions, both business related as well the ones with more personal character when it comes to my employees and colleagues. As a relatively new manager, it is very inspiring to be able to contribute to others’ personal development and it rarely happens that one day end up as planned. I think most managers would agree that, at times, it can be stressful but also very rewarding", Andreas says.    

Change in job position every second year

So far in his seven years at Tryg, Andreas has changed position every second year in average. This has provided him with many opportunities to work with many different types of tasks.

”I am very glad that I have gotten the opportunity to visit many different areas in the organisation. I have actually changed position every second year. I have been working in all three countries with both market development, project management, negotiation and on a more strategic level as adviser for COO. My experience is that Tryg makes room for both professional and personal development, something I have been very grateful for”, he says. 

The success of the department is very motivating

According to Andreas, Tryg has, during the last couple of years, developed to a work place that most people would describe as demanding but also very rewarding. We strive to be a work place where hard work is honored and success is celebrated.

”For my part I feel I have a good balance between new challenges and being able to experience with new ideas trying to contribute to a culture where it is acceptable to make mistakes as long as you are doing your best. In my unit, we have developed some very specific goals. Success to me is when we, gradually shift the aim and focus in our day by day work and by this gradually move one step forward to our longer term goals. Every small and positive step we achieve along the line we try to tap ourselves on the back and celebrate”, Andreas explains.

Later on, andreas made another career move and is now Head of Utvikling & Prospektering in Tryg in Norway.