Below you will find all presentations from Tryg.

6 June 2024Analyst day, BallerupEnglish
29 November 2023Danske Bank Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
6 June 2023Analyst day, BallerupEnglish
6 March 2023Tryg Forsikring A/S mandates Restricted Tier 1 Capital notesEnglish
6 February 2023Tryg Garanti presentation at Danske Bank, CopenhagenEnglish
30 November 2022Danske Bank Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
21 June 2022Tryg Analyst Day, StockholmEnglish
2 June 2022Danske Bank Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
23 February 2022Tryg Garanti presentation at Danske Bank, CopenhagenEnglish 
2 December 2021Danske Bank Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
15 September 2021Carnegie Cyber Security presentation, CopenhagenEnglish 
24 June 2021Danske Bank Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
1 June 2021Tryg Executive Board Fireside chat, BallerupEnglish
27 May 2021Tryg Forsikring A/S mandates Restricted Tier 1 Capital notesEnglish
31 May 2021ABGSC Virtual Insurance Trip, OsloEnglish
2 December 2020Danske Bank Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
18 November 2020Recommended Offer for RSA Insurance Group plcEnglish
25 June 2020Danske Bank Danish Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
21 August 2019Hordaland på Bors, BergenEnglish
12 June 2019Analyst day, BallerupEnglish
22 May 2019ABGSC Nordic Insurance Trip, CopenhagenEnglish
6 November 2018Final approval of the Alka acquisitionEnglish
18 September 2018InvestorDagen, Danish Shareholder Association, CopenhagenDanish
13 September 2018Barclays Financial conference, New YorkEnglish
13 June 2018Analyst Day, BergenEnglish
April 2018Company presentation, Tier 1 issueEnglish
11 December 2017Danske Bank Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
4 December 2017Tryg acquires AlkaEnglish
19 September 2017InvestorDagen, Danish Shareholder Association, CopenhagenDanish
11 September 2017Barclays Conference, New YorkEnglish
24 August 2017Hordaland på Børs, Bergen, NorwayEnglish
19 June 2017Analyst Day, BallerupEnglish
8 June 2017Handelsbanken Nordic Mid/ Small Cap Seminar, StockholmEnglish
25 April 2017Procurement Presentation, BallerupEnglish
20 April 2017Danske Bank InsurTech Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
30 November 2016Danske Bank Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
29 November 2016InvestorDagen, Dansk Aktionærforening, OdenseDanish
8 November 2016Sales force presentation, LondonEnglish
18 August 2016Hordaland på Børs, Bergen, NorwayEnglish
16 June 2016Analyst Day, BallerupEnglish
May 2016Company presentation, Tier 2 subordinated bond issueEnglish
February 2016Sales force presentation, LondonEnglish
3 December 2015Danske Markets Winter Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
October 2015Company presentation, Tier 2 subordinated bond issueEnglish
22 September 2015InvestorDagen, Danish Shareholder Association, CopenhagenDanish
15 September 2015KBW European Financials Conference, LondonEnglish
7 September 2015Jyske Bank Selskabsdag, Silkeborg, DenmarkEnglish
13 August 2015Hardaland på Børs, BergenEnglish
25 March 2015Annual general meeting, CopenhagenDanish
3 December 2014Danske Copenhagen Winter Seminar, CopehagenEnglish
3 December 2014Berenberg European Conference, LondonEnglish
5 November 2014Tryg Capital Markets Day, LondonEnglish
18 September 2014UBS European Financials Conference, StockholmEnglish
17 September 2014InvestorDagen, CopenhagenDanish
17 September 2014KBW European Financials Conference, LondonEnglish
10 June 2014Danske Markets Seminar, StockholmEnglish
3 April 2014Annual general meeting, CopenhagenDanish
26 November 2013InvestorDagen, Aalborg DenmarkDanish
3 April 2013ABG Funding Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
8 February 2013DnB Debt roadshow, OsloEnglish
7 January 2013SEB Nordic Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
4 December 2012Berenberg European Conference, LondonEnglish
9 October 2012Danish Shareholders Association, Investor Day, CopenhagenDanish
28 September 2012Nordea Private Banking Aktieselskabsdag, Aarhus, DenmarkEnglish
19 September 2012KBW European Financials Conference, LondonEnglish
5 September 2012Carnegie Nordic Small/Midcap Seminar , StockholmEnglish
19 June 2012Capital Markets Day, LondonEnglish
11 June 2012Handelsbanken's Mid/Small Cap Seminar, StockholmEnglish
7 June 2012Finansanalytikerforeningens Virksomhedsdag, CopenhagenEnglish
19 April 2012Annual general meeting 2012Danish
11 January 2012SEB Enskilda Nordic Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
6 January 2012Nordea Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
1 December 2011Berenberg European Conference, LondonEnglish
3 October 2011Handelsbanken Nordic Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
20 September 2011Dansk Aktiemesse, CopenhagenDanish
7 September 2011Carnegie Seminar, StockholmEnglish
18 August 2011Hordaland på Børs, Bergen, NorwayEnglish
14 April 2011Annual general meeting 2011, CopenhagenDanish
31 March 2011Morgan Stanley Conference, LondonEnglish
10 January 2011Nordea Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
4 October 20102010.10.04 Tryg at HandelsbankenEnglish
29 September 2010Jyske Bank's Company Day, Silkeborg, DenmarkEnglish
2 September 2010UBS conference, Stockholm, SwedenEnglish
19 August 2010Hordaland på Børs, Bergen NorwayEnglish
9 June 2010Goldman Sachs Conference, MadridEnglish
2 June 2010Danske Markets Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
25 March 2010Morgan Stanley conference, LondonEnglish
26 February 2010Analyst/Investor presentation at Danske Markets, CopenhagenEnglish
25 February 2010Press presentation after full year 2009 resultsDanish
13 January 2010Handelsbanken's Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
11 January 2010Carnegie Solvency II Seminar, LondonEnglish
7 January 2010SEB Enskilda Nordic Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
16 September 2009KBW European Financials Conference, LondonEnglish
10 September 2009UBS Nordic Financials Conference, StockholmEnglish
8 September 2009Carnegie Nordic Seminar, StockholmEnglish
1 September 2009Capital Market Day, LondonEnglish
18 August 2009Press presentation after Q2 and H1 2009Danish
10 June 2009Danske Market's Insurance Seminar, CopenhagenEnglish
26 May 2009OMX Investorarrangement, CopenhagenDanish
22 April 2009Annual General Meeting presentationDanish