Supervisory Board

Carl-Viggo Östlund

Board member (independent)

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Board member Carl-Viggo Östlund
Born 1955
Nationality Swedish
Education BSc in International Business and Finance & Accounting
Career CEO of Allert Östlund AB, Professional board member and independent advisor. Former CEO of the Swedish banks SBAB and Nordnet and the insurance company SalusAnsvar
Board seats, Chairman of the Board FCG Fonder AB, Fondo Solutions AB, Gladsheim Fastigheter AB, Hypoteket Bolån Sverige AB and Ponture AB
Board seats Tryg A/S and Tryg Forsikring A/S, Allert Östlund, DBT Capital AB, Havsgaard AB, Irisande Care Group AB Jovinum Food&Beverage AB, Nedvi Fastigheter AB, Picsmart AB, Wonderbox AB and Ywonne Media Group AB
Committee membership Remuneration and IT-Data Committee in Tryg A/S
Experience More than 30 years as CEO and Managing Director in local as well as in international environment in listed companies as well as banks. Experience from the following industries: manufacturing, logistics, insurance, finance and bank
Competencies Solid background from the Insurance industry, non-life as well as life. Business know-how and judgement, banking and finance know-how, understanding of digitalisation and risk management
Shares in Tryg 3,080