Risk Committee

The purpose of the Risk Committee is supervision of capital management and to monitor the risk management environment

About the Risk Committee

In 2010, Tryg established a Risk Committee with the purpose to support the Supervisory Board in its work with and supervision of capital management and risk management. The overall responsibility rests with the Supervisory Board, while the Risk Committee monitors the risk management environment and the related processes.  


The frequency of meetings in the Risk Committee is a minimum of four times a year. Any member may request an additional Risk Committee meeting. The committee shall adopt an annual calendar for the committee work. In addition to the members of the Risk Committee, representatives of the Management shall participate in the meetings where deemed necessary by the Risk Committee.


  • Thomas Hofman-Bang (Chairman)  
  • Benedicte Bakke Agerup
  • Tina Snejbjerg
  • Steffen Kragh
  • Claus Wistoft

Steffen Kragh, Benedicte Bakke Agerup and Thomas Hofman-Bang are not representing the majority shareholder, TryghedsGruppen, and therefore meet the requirements about independency and qualifications according to the Supervisory Board.


  • Monitor the company’s risk management systems

  • Review the Group’s risk assessment

  • Assess and monitor the efficiency of the risk management environment