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Nightravens in Norway

The Norwegian initiative the Nightravens provides safety in the Norwegian night life. The initiative is about being there for children and young adults when they wander the streets at night, providing them with safety and guidance.


The Nightravens is a preventive initiative which contributes to generating peace of mind in society. If we prevent crimes from happening by being present or making people feel safer in the nightlife, we believe that it benefits both our business and the society.

The Nightravens are local groups of volunteers who walk the streets at night to create a safe environment by offering their help and preventing unwanted incidents. The main target group is young people, and the mission of the Nightravens is to be present where young people hang out in the streets or local squares.

Since the early 1990s, Tryg has been the Nightravens’ main partner. In addition to the service provided by the Nightravens secretariat and our close cooperation with the Nightravens Board, Tryg plans and hosts the national Nightravens Conference in Bergen, Norway, every other year.

There are 260 Nightraven groups in Norway made up of a diverse mix of volunteers in terms of ethnicity, gender and age, which have the additional effect of working as a social community network for the volunteers.

Some groups are called Dayravens and walk the streets during the day to create greater peace of mind among young people who often gather at local shopping centres or in the city centres after school. In addition to the Day and the Nightravens, there are the MC ravens who serve the same purpose as the Dayravens and the Nightravens but drive motorcycles.

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