Social engagement

Our partnerships

As a responsible company, Tryg wants to contribute to ensuring equal education for all. We participate in several partnerships, which contribute to the education of children and young adults.


At Tryg, we believe that good education is important and that we can contribute to this. Therefore, we have joined into partnerships with Teach First Denmark, Mattip and the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue.

Teach First Denmark

In 2019, Tryg entered into a partnership with Teach First Denmark, a non-profit organisation working to create equal opportunities for all children in Denmark. As part of our partnership, Tryg welcomes a group of school-children from Tingbjerg Skole for an internship twice a year at our head office in Denmark. They experience how it is to work in an insurance company and which skills it requires along with being introduced to possible job opportunities. 


Tryg is engaged in a partnership with Mattip, a free online portal for math teachers, where math assignments are themed on insurance. Through this partnership, we help young people gain knowledge about the importance of insurance through fun and relevant mathematic assignments. The assignments relate to different insurance top­ics which are relevant to young people, including topics like cyber security, theft and travelling.

Safe in water courses

Since 2017, Tryg has worked with the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, Region West, to offer Safe in water courses to 14 to 15-year-old schoolchildren. Originally, the courses were run during autumn and winter to give the children a chance to experience being in the cold water, while being supervised by skilled instructors, wearing wetsuits and life jackets. To be able to reach more children, the course is now being run as a classroom lesson, which the children participate in a couple of days before practising self-rescue, life-saving and first aid outside. Tryg has contributed educational videos for the classroom lessons and has provided lifebuoys to the mobile course stations carrying the course equipment.