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Safety by the water

The red-white lifebuoy has become a symbol of safety and has, since 1952, provided safety along the coastline and near lakes, rivers and harbours in Norway. Tryg has placed more than 50,000 lifebuoys all over Norway, which together has helped save more than 1,000 people from drowning.


Since 1952, Tryg’s iconic lifebuoys have created safety along coastlines and near lakes, rivers and harbours in Norway. The lifebuoy is a vitally important rescue tool, and for decades Tryg has provided lifebuoys to Norwegian society. Tryg’s more than 47,000 lifebuoys are located from Lindesnes at the very south of Norway to Svalbard, the Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

Information videos to prevent drowning

To prevent drowning accidents, Tryg has produced information videos in collaboration with lifeguard instructors from Norway’s Livredningsselskab, which provide guidance on how to wear and use a life jacket correctly. Too few people use a life jacket, and many people do not know how to use it correctly. By producing and posting the information videos, we seek to bring the issue to notice and make people aware of the importance of wearing a life jacket the right way, since this is known to prevent drowning accidents.