Sustainable insurance

Tryg wants to support and motivate its customers on their own sustainability journey by including sustainable elements in our products and services as well as incorporating sustainability into our claims handling process.

At Tryg, our ambition is for our products and services to support the sustainability journey of our customers. With our preventive products and services, we hope to prevent claims from happening in the first place or minimise the damage. By preventing the claims from happening, we can avoid harming the climate and environment. If the claim occurs, we want to ensure a sustainable claims handling process that breaks with the current throw-away culture.

Sustainable products and services

Tryg wants to promote sustainable behaviour by offering our customers products and services that include social and environmental sustainability measures in different ways to meet the needs of both customers who are just embarking on their sustainability journey and cus­tomers, for whom sustainability is their number one priority. We seek to be an active peace-of-mind creator by preventing claims from happening in the first place, thus avoiding both concern and in­convenience for our customers – but also avoiding harming the climate and the environment – by further in­creasing our focus on claims prevention measures in our products and services.

Tryg has implemented different prevention initiatives, such as:

Preventive initiatives
  • Home alarm
    With the home alarm, a sensor is installed in the home, which notifies the customer through an app if a burglary is occuring in the home.
  • Rat blocker
    The rat blocker prevents rats from entering the main sewers and sewage pipes and gaining access to homes.
  • Advice on protecting homes from climate-related risks
    On our Danish and Norwegian customer websites, we offer advice for customers who are exposed to climate-related risks on how to minimise the effect of storms, cloudbursts and flooding.
  • Traffic safety app
    Tryg Drive in Denmark, Sidekick in Norway and Smart car in Sweden help minimise unnecessary un­ease as well as reward and promote responsible driving, which also results in a lower carbon footprint.
  • Medical hotline
    Tryg’s medical hotline provides instant access to doctors online, which makes it easy for our customers to receive medical advice, wherever they are.
  • Health app
    Tryg Sund consolidates the health of our commercial customers in a single app. It creates a clear overview of the customer’s health insurance, enables the customer to report a claim and make appointments with therapists directly through the app. Additionally, it provides inspira­tion for a healthier lifestyle.

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Sustainable claims handling

At Tryg, we handle approximately one million claims for our customers each year. Thus, one of our greatest responsibilities and opportunities for Tryg to contribute to sustainable development is associated with the handling of our customers’ claims. Over the past few years, we have significantly reduced waste and carbon emissions by for example, repairing car screens instead of replacing them, performing phone-fixes instead of traditional ‘on-the-spot’ roadside assistance and reusing car spare parts instead of replacing with new parts.

As part of our strategy, we want to accelerate our efforts to give our customers access to more sustainable claims handling. To be among the leading Nordic insurance companies, we activate our claims experts and take a systematic, company-wide approach in our quest for more sustainable claims handling. Recognising that partnerships often lead to better and more innovative solutions, we collaborate with our suppliers, partners and customers. 

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  • 80% increase in sustainable claims spend by 2024
  • 20,000-25,000 tonnes CO2 reduction from more sustainable claims handling by 2024