The Supervisory Board's competencies

Annual evaluation

Tryg's Supervisory Board looks for well-balanced diversion of the member’s competencies and carries out an annual evaluation of the board’s work and the board member’s skills to assess whether the Supervisory Board has the required skills, or whether the expertise of its members need to be updated in some respect.

Up-to-date knowledge and diversity

New board members are given an introduction to Tryg and the board members are offered skills upgrading courses as well. The board also seeks a well-balanced diversion of age and gender in the composition of its members.

Necessary skills

The Supervisory Board assesses that the necessary qualifications and skills are required for Tryg’s board work include Intellectual approach, independent mindedness, interpersonal competencies, integrity, inclination to engage, business understanding and judgement, problem-solving skills, networking skills, risk management understanding, ability to assess succession management, general top management experience, finance and/or audit experience, HR/management/talent/organisational experience, business development experience, financial sector experience, risk management and regulatory requirement experience, insurance – commercial and product, insurance – technical (underwriting, provisions, reinsurance), digital experience, experience with new business models and customer relations and interaction experience

The board members’ knowledge and skills are shortly described below.


The supervisory board's competencies

Jukka Pertola

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jukka has special skills in the fields of telecommuniations, IT and digitalisation, business models, strategy and business development. Understanding of risk management, M&A, business know-how and judgement as well as insurance. Jukka Pertola has more than 10 years of board work experience from companies, foundations and organisations.

Torben Nielsen

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee
Torben has special skills within the areas of management, governance, treasury,  as well as experience with risk management, financial business, regulatory requirements, business know-how and judgement from his former position as Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank. 

Mari Thjømøe

Through her former positions in the Norwegian company Property ASA and several board seats, Mari has special business know-how from her experience with the financial sector and energy. Understanding of risk management, strategy, restructuring, business development, M&A, IR and financial communication and working with regularity authorities.

Carl-Viggo Östlund

Solid background from the Insurance industry, non-life as well as life. Business know-how and judgement, banking and finance know-how, understanding of digitalisation and risk management.  

Mengmeng Du

Mengmeng has top management experience from the tech industry. Extensive experience in the area of IT & digitalisation, transformation, marketing, organisation, strategy and business development. 

Thomas Hofman-Bang

Thomas' key competencies include leadership, development and execution of ambitious growth strategies focused on value creation, performance culture, transparency, integrity, strong team performance and great communication skills.

Ida Sofie Jensen

Ida has solid business know-how and judgement, analytical approach to problem-solving and strategy, networking skills and the ability to evaluate succession scenarios as well as understanding of digitalisation. 

Claus Wistoft

Claus has an analytical approach to problem-solving, solid business know-how and business development, understanding of risk management and succession. 



Jørn Rise Andersen

Jørn has understanding of the financial sector, finance and risk management, member loyalty and care, investments and capital management, political flair.