Executive Board

The remuneration paid to the Executive Board reflects a wish to secure a balanced earnings performance for the Group in the short term as well as in the long term.

Remuneration paid to the Executive Board

The Supervisory Board decides the terms
The Exuctive Board are employed under service contracts, and all terms of the remuneration are fixed by the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board reviews the remuneration of the Executive Board annually based on the requirements for attracting and retaining the best qualified executive mananagement members.

Remuneration including incentive plan
The Executive Board's remuneration consists of a fixed salary, pension and a variable salary. The variable salary constitutes only a limited part of the overall remuneration.

The Supervisory Board can decide that the fixed salary be supplemented with a variable salary of up to 50% of the fixed basic salary including pension at the time of allocation at a corresponding current value.

Matching shares programme
The Supervisory Board has decided that the variable salary consists of a matching shares programme. Four years after a Director's purchase of a subsequently defined number of shares, the Director is allocated a corresponding number of free shares in Tryg.

The allocation of matching shares at the time of allocation is not dependent on results.

The purpose of the matching shares programme is partly to ensure that the Director is retained, and partly to secure a joint financial interest between the Director and the company's shareholders.  

Pension and notice
The Executive Board is entitled to 12 months' notice of termination and to 12 months' severance pay. 

However, the Group CEO is entitled to 12 months' notice and to 18 months' severance pay plus pension contributions during such period. 

The Executive Board is entitled to a pension scheme (contribution equal to 25% of the basic salary).   

Remuneration paid to the Executive Board in 2022

(DKK)Morten HübbeLars BondeJohan Kirstein BrammerBarbara Plucnar Jensen
Fixed basic salary12,566,0005,972,0006,071,0005,545,000
TCO (car)255,000255,000255,00255,000
Staff benefits*76,00055,00047,00050,000
Fixed basic salary, total16,038,0007,776,0007,891,0007,237,000
INP (cash)2,907,0001,400,0001,425,0001,307,000
INP (conditional shares)**4,361,0002,100,0002,137,0001,960,000
INP (variable salary), total7,269,0003,501,0003,562,0003,267,000
Total salary23,307,00011,276,00011,452,00010,504,000

*The calculation of ‘Staff benefits’ is based on the capitalised value of other staff benefits such as insurance, medical examination, mobile phone etc.;

**Value of conditional shares on allotment date in January 2023 for the 2022 performance year.