Supervisory Board

Tryg's Supervisory Board receives a fixed, annual fee which has been approved by our shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. 

Remuneration paid to the Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board receive a fixed, annual fee. The fee is approved by our shareholders at the Annual General Meeting

  • The members do not receive any bonus and are not covered by incentive programmes or severance schemes
  • The remuneration is fixed based on trends in Tryg's peer group, taking into account competencies and efforts as well as the scope of the board's work
  • The Chairman of the Supervisory Board receives a triple basic fee and the Deputy Chairman receives a double basic fee.

Remuneration of the Supervisory Board in 2021

DKKBase feeAudit CommitteeRisk CommitteeRemuneration CommitteeIT-Data CommitteeNomination CommitteeSocial contributions (NO/SE)***Total
Jukka Pertola, Chair1,170,000165,000140,000150,0001,625,000
Torben Nielsen, Dept. Chair*780,000240,000240,000110,000100,0001,470,000
Lene Skole390,000160,000160,000710,000
Mari Thjømøe390,000160,000160,000135,610845,610
Carl-Viggo Östlund390,000110,000210,00072,491782,491
Ida Sofie Jensen390,000110,000140,000100,000740,000
Tina Snejbjerg390,000160,000110,000660,000
Elias Bakk390,000140,000104,940634,940
Karen Bladt390,000390,000
Claus Wistoft390,000390,000
Gert Ove Mikkelsen390,00074,490464,490
Charlotte Dietzer390,000390,000
Lone Møller Olsen**292,500120,000120,000532,500

*Also received a fee as Chair of the Board of the subsidiaries Tryg Invest A/S (DKK 250.000) and Kapitalforeningen Tryg Invest Funds (DKK 200.000),
**Joined the Board in March 2021 as an additional member of the Board
*** Employer contributions to social security/tax relating to board members from Sweden and Norway