Tryg’s dividend policy states the ambition to grow the annual nominal dividend paid out to shareholders while maintaining a solid solvency position based on Tryg’s partial internal capital model.

Tryg aims to offer a nominally stable and increasing ordinary dividend on an annual basis. The targeted pay-out ratio of 60-90% (based on operating earnings) is secondary to the aim of increasing the annual dividend. Dividends are paid quarterly. Additional, capital repatriation at year-end is also paid up as extraordinary dividends.

Since the introduction of the new dividend policy in 2012, the dividend per share moved from 5.2 in 2012 to 7.0 in 2020. 

Due to the acquisition of RSA and the equity raise in 2021, Tryg paid out DKK 4.28 per share.

Dividend per share (DKK)7.406.
Payout ratio123%183%89%76%72%115%
Extraordinary share buy back1,0005,000    
Extraordinary dividend    500