Equity story

Tryg as an investment

Starting as a small fire insurance office almost 300 years ago, Tryg is now one of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Nordic region. Read more about Tryg as an investment here. 


equity story


Nordic non-life insurance brand

Tryg is a pure non-life insurance company with a very strong brand and with focus on profitability and efficiency. Tryg is a well established business dating back to the 18th century. 

Strong market position

Tryg is the largest non-life insurer in Scandinavia. In Denmark, Tryg holds a market position as number one. In Norway and Sweden, Tryg is the third largest non-life insurance company. 

Why invest?

Shareholders in Tryg are exposed to the stable and highly attractive Nordic non-life markets where margins are some of the highest in the world. Private and commercial (SMEs) businesses account for approximately 80 per cent of Tryg premiums, helping to maintain highly stable results.  

Dividend Policy

  • Aiming for a nominal stable increasing dividend
  • Pay-out ratio of 60% to 90% (secondary)
  • Quarterly dividend
  • Extraordinary dividend to further adjust the capital structure

Risk management in Tryg

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Fixed income instruments issued by Tryg

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